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10/1/14: Update from the President

Clean SODO:BIA has placed 4 yard dumpsters at strategic locations to provide a convenient place for event tailgaters to dispose of their waste. This is an evolving project, which will mean locations will change as needs arise.BIA will be placing port-a-potties near locations where tailgaters congregate to stem the public urination that is currently happening.

Graffiti and large debris (dumped material) will be taken care of by Recology. Removing graffiti from a building remains the responsibility of the property owner. Graffiti will be removed by the BIA from public right of way and derelict buildings (with a bill back to the owner). The same is true for debris removal.

Safe SODO:BIA has contracted with Northwest Protective Services to patrol during peak morning and afternoon commute times. This is to provide security for those walking to and from work. The patrol officers are also tasked with logging transient camps and urban campers. This information will be used to work with the City of Seattle, SPD and the Public Health Department. The patrols will also log and monitor criminal activity and movement and work closely with SPD.Off duty Seattle Police officers will be contracted with to target specific high crime and nuisance areas.
Move SODO:This is a more complex, less easily fixed issue in SODO. The BIA is considering a survey of ratepayers to determine what they deem to be the biggest concerns in this category. The BIA has heard pedestrian safety and potholes as the largest worry at this time but a larger survey is needed to consolidate all responses. Consideration is also being made to paint graffiti riddled public utility boxes with way finding and other local business information. This is a project that may receive offsetting grant funds from King County and offset much of the graffiti that exists in SODO.
Advocate SODO:The BIA has established a positive working relationship with several City of Seattle departments. We will continue this bridge building to strengthen our relationship and ability to facility change. We have met several times with Seattle Police and believe that relationship has grown stronger and a better understanding of the SODO area needs has been garnered by both West and South Precincts.