Two SODO Businesses Collaborate on Project

By: Western Neon
Dockside Cannabis is growing as quickly as the marijuana industry, currently with two locations in SODO and Shoreline, and another Seattle location already on the way. However, with so much competition in the area, Dockside knew it would take more than just good product to stand out. That’s why Dockside Cannabis made their human resources a focus, selecting the very best for their staff, who in addition to having a passion for cannabis, are dedicated to educating others. Dockside also provides multiple resources in addition to behind-the-counter sales with blog posts, workshops, talks, and their in-house “cannabis museum.”
In addition to serving the city’s marijuana needs, Dockside also gives back to the community with monthly donation boxes to local charities, a dedicated “green team” that regularly picks up trash from Seattle streets, and providing gallery space on their walls for local artists
The Dockside Cannabis exterior signage for the SODO location was designed and fabricated by Western Neon. The two flower logo cabinets facing North and South measure at 5’x2’11” each. These signs are made of .090 aluminum, which was routed and backed with white acrylic. Both lotus flowers were painted matte black and are illuminated by full spectrum RGB color transitioning LED.
The striking “Dockside Cannabis” lettering design that sits upon the Dockside awning matches their original font at a colossal 26’10″x2’4″. Due to the size of these letters, Western Neon gave them steel returns, backs, and lips to hold in the 3/16″ white acrylic faces. To keep a clean look, the letters are not color changing, but rather illuminated by warm white grid LED.
Western Neon is delighted to work with another successful SODO neighbor and is thrilled to partner with them again at their new upcoming location… stay tuned on their blog and ours!