SODO Stories: ThirdLeaf NW

Founded with health in mind, ThirdLeaf NW was originally started by two sisters in Yakima with the idea to bring their fathers business idea to fruition. What started as a summer break job turned into a successful SODO business delivering fresh fruit and snacks to over 400 offices across Washington and parts of Oregon. ThirdLeaf NW specializes in hand selecting and delivering fresh fruit and healthy snacks to offices, providing a healthier option than traditional snacks and junk food. They rotate their fruit options weekly to ensure they get the best in-season selection from local growers across the region.

We join co-founder, Megan, as she prepares a few orders for her customers and tells us a little bit about how ThirdLeaf NW got started at their warehouse off Occidental.

ThirdLeaf NW specializes in Fresh Office Eats. They hand select, deliver and stock a variety of seasonally rotating fresh fruit and healthy snacks straight to your office kitchen.

To learn more, schedule a delivery, and to order a free trial, please visit ThirdLeaf NW’s website