Team Outing @ Lawless Forge

Hammers swinging, anvils ringing, and sparks flying! The BIA office had the opportunity to become blacksmiths for a day at our local forgery, Lawless Forge!

Lawless Forge is a SODO blacksmith that provides classes, team building events, and private experiences for local forgers looking for something new!

Located in a converted barn with tall ceilings and ample natural light, decorated with Edison lightbulbs and chalkboards filled with sketches and ad-libbed jokes.

The main room is lined with metal tongs, claws, hammers, and forging furnaces, with enough space in the center to get your hands dirty. Visitors are transported into an old-world shop placed right in the center of the modern industry of SODO while they learn forging skills that have been around for millennia.

Lawless Forge was started by a few close friends who forged knives from railroad spikes during their free time. What started as a fun pass-time became an inspiring bonding activity, and eventually the business we know today.

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