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Staff Spotlight: Janelle Ligrani

Moving throughout the country during childhood, Janelle has always called Seattle her hometown. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from The University of Tampa with a heavy focus on Graphic Design. Prior to working with the SODO BIA, she gained valuable marketing experience in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Real Estate industries. Janelle enjoys optimizing the BIA’s marketing efforts to benefit the SODO community through improving online resources, managing the newsletter, producing videos, maintaining social media channels, advertising SODO and hosting events to name a few.



What were you up to before you started working at the SODO BIA?

I’ve been doing Marketing and Communications for close to 10 years, but immediately before working for the BIA I worked for a manufacturer called HydraMaster based up in Mukilteo.


What brought you to Seattle?

I’ve always loved and wanted to live in Seattle since I was a kid growing up in Olympia! I left the area to attend school for awhile and always had the plan to move back to be closer to family.


How does your job benefit ratepayers in SODO?

I manage the BIA’s marketing and communications initiatives through improving online resources, managing our newsletter, producing videos, maintaining social media channels, advertising SODO and hosting events to name a few.


What is a common question you get from ratepayers?

“Why isn’t my business on the web directory?” hah, usually I get website-based questions or questions on how folks can get more involved!


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to travel to new places every chance I get! Earlier in the year I had the chance to go to New Mexico for the first time to visit Santa Fe and to go to the Petrified Forrest National Park. So far I’ve travelled to 29 states and 20 countries and I’m excited to plan my next trip soon! When I’m not on the road I enjoy exploring new dog parks with my Mini Aussie, Jasper, going kayaking when the weather is nice, and vegging-out at home.


Favorite SODO restaurant/bar/cafe?

My top spots are SODO Poke and of course, Starbucks.


Favorite SODO activity or point of interest?

I enjoy visiting Derby with my car-crazy husband, and always enjoy an excuse to visit The Woods Tasting Room.


Favorite SODO “hidden gem”?

I love to get lost at Earthwise Architectural Salvage and Second Use Building Materials.


Any fun facts you would like to share? 

I have a septum piercing that I often keep flipped at work, a thigh-piece tattoo, and I’m currently working on filling in my half-sleeve tattoo.