Staff Spotlight: Erin Goodman

A Seattle native, Erin came to the SODO BIA from the U District Partnership where she administered the U District BIA and produced the annual U District StreetFair. With a Master’s in Public Administration, Erin is committed to being an ardent advocate for SODO businesses and assisting them in developing a vibrant business district in SODO that is Safe, Clean and Moving.

What were you up to before you started working at the SODO BIA?

I ran the U District Partnership and managed the U District Street Fair. Prior to the SODO BIA I was a large event specialist – and worked to put on public events for several different organizations.

What brought you to Seattle?

I grew up here! I’ve lived in other parts of the country but moved back in 2012 and currently live less than a mile from the house I grew up in!

How does your job benefit ratepayers in SODO?

We are here to serve SODO, and to help business and property owners address issues impacting their businesses. It is what I like most about my job – getting to help people every day.

What is a common question you get from Ratepayers?  

Most common request that I receive is how to access services from the city. Our team is great at helping ratepayers connect with the right City contact to get things done!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I am a haphazard gardener and an avid puzzler!

Favorite SODO restaurant/bar/cafe?

There are so many great options, it’s hard to pick just one!

Favorite SODO activity or point of interest?

I love the SODO Track murals and all the public art in SODO. It’s amazing to see huge colorful murals peeking out between buildings as you drive through SODO.