Staff Spotlight: Alex Ruby

Growing up in the Bay Area and studying Journalism/PR at the University of Oregon, Alex found his way further north and landed a position with a Seattle PR firm where he developed skills in media relations, content creation, and social media for a variety of clients. After that, Alex continued his work in communications and marketing at Camp Solomon Schechter as he expanded his passion for community building and development, which led him to finding a position with the SODO BIA. Alex is looking forward to learning more about urban place management, sharing and creating stories about SODO businesses, and working for the benefit of our ratepayers! Outside of work, you can find Alex playing board games with friends, discovering new breweries and eateries, and cuddling with his cat Fievel.

What were you up to before you started working at the SODO BIA?

Previously, I did the marketing and communications for a Jewish summer camp! Before that, I worked on different user experience projects and spent a couple of years at a local PR firm.

What brought you to Seattle?

I went to the University of Oregon and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, so I decided to look for jobs in the region and found an internship here in Seattle!

How does your job benefit ratepayers in SODO?

As the BIA’s resident social media expert, I’m all about promoting the businesses we have here in SODO so we can share our hidden gems with the rest of Seattle!

What is a common question you get from Ratepayers?  

“Where’s your video camera equipment?”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love exploring the city, finding new eateries and breweries, playing games with friends, discovering new music and movies, and cuddling with my cat Fievel.

Favorite SODO restaurant/bar/cafe?

It’s gotta be Cafe Con Leche and their empanadas, they’re amazing!

Favorite SODO activity or point of interest?

The SODO Track with all of its beautiful murals is such an awesome sight to see as you’re taking the light rail.

Favorite SODO “hidden gem”?

It’s crazy to me that no one knows about SODO Urbanworks! So many wineries to try, plus Hot Cakes found a spot there too.

Any fun facts you would like to share?

I was a DJ for my college radio station, but my shift was from 2-4am