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Sound Transit Welcomes Concrete Strike’s End, Encourages Continued Negotiations Toward Long-Term Contracts

Sound Transit today welcomed news that the concrete delivery strike impacting projects across King and Snohomish counties will come to an end following the Teamsters’ unconditional offer to return to work while negotiations continue.

“This is great news for resuming work on the largest transit expansion program in the nation,” said Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff. “We thank the Teamsters for this action, and we urge the parties to work collaboratively on a long-term agreement that avoids risks of further disruptions.  With months of backlogged concrete deliveries across the region, we all must now work together to dig ourselves out of a deep hole.”

With backlogged demand expected to continue impacting deliveries, Sound Transit will continue to assess schedule impacts that the months of project delays, combined with COVID-19 and other impacts, will have on the opening dates of major light rail extensions.

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