SODO Census Data 2020

Seattle has continued to grow over the last 10 years, gaining a population of over 100,000 people and currently sitting at the 15th largest metropolitan area in the nation. It is one of only 14 US cities to grow at this mass, a 21% population increase since 2010.

Here are some interesting things we noticed about the 2020 data:

  • SODO saw a 54% increase in residents in the last decade, however the residential buildings on the south end of both Pioneer Square and International District, as well as some properties included from the west side of Beacon Hill, may be incorrectly influencing this data.
  • Over 40% of residents are non-white in SODO, while 30% of Washington state’s population is non-white.
  • Combined, about 43% of SODO-area residents owned their homes, while about 57% are renting. This is slightly lower than the King County average at 57% owner occupied housing.
  • 76% of SODO-area residents are currently in the labor force, compared to the state at 70%.
  • There seems to be a higher population of men near the stadiums.
  • SODO has a lower median income on average compared to the rest of Seattle.
  • Population density in SODO continues to be lower than in the other Seattle neighborhoods, due to SODO’s industrial nature.


This data was gathered pre-dating Covid-19, keep in mind these numbers may have changed quite a bit in the last year due to the pandemic.


Census Tract 93, King County

Population: 3,611
Total Housing Units: 1,812
Occupied: 89%

Living in Group Quarters: 676
Military: 204
Other: 472

Race: 56% White, 19% Asian, 12% Hispanic, 9% Black, 9% Mixed, 5% Other, 2% American Indian, 1% Pacific Islander

Block Group 1

Population: 675
61% Male, 39% Female

Median Income: $65,313
In Labor Force: 76%
Total Housing Units: 439
48% Owners, 52% Renters

Block Group 2

Population: 1,441
73% Male, 27% Female

Median Income: $132,750
In Labor Force: 80%
Total Housing Units: 725
26% Owners, 74% Renters

Block Group 3

Population: 1,063
64% Male, 36% Female

Median Income: $87,222
In Labor Force: 78%
Total Housing Units: 506
55% Owners, 45% Renters




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Census Tract 93, King County Data:

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