SODO Business Owners Call for Action in Wake of Violent Ax Attack at Encampment


Frustrated business owners are demanding action in the wake of a violent and disturbing attack last month by a man at a notorious homeless encampment in SoDo in which the suspect allegedly used an ax, pole and a wooden plank to attack his victim.

Julian Brassea—Caballero, 43, has now been charged with assault in connection with the overnight beating on April 29 at the camp, located at 3rd Ave. S. and S. Walker Street. As of Thursday, he remained at the King County Jail in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Prosecutors and the judge agreed to the high bail to keep the accused attacker off the streets. He is expected back in court on May 16.

The latest attack comes as city leaders have finally acknowledged rising crime near encampments. The vicious ax attack is disturbing but not surprising for business owners.

“There has been this overall feeling of lawlessness and our businesses for a long time have felt completely abandoned and ignored,” said Erin Goodman, executive director of the SoDo Business Improvement Area. “While not everyone living in these encampments is involved in criminal activity, the encampment themselves are dangerous.”

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