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Seattle Street Barber Gives Out More than Just Free Haircuts

Randy Miller was walking down the sidewalk in Seattle’s Sodo neighborhood on the warmest day of the year so far, cars whizzing by, looking for someone in need of a haircut.

He spotted a man across the street standing near an Arco gas station like he had nowhere to go.

When there was a break in the traffic, Miller ran across the road to talk to him with a red camping chair swung across his shoulder, a small backpack with hair clippers bouncing on his back.

“You want a free haircut and shave?” he asked the man. They settled on the latter.

And there, next to an Arco station against a white wall with graffiti and shade from a nearby tree, Randy Miller’s free, homeless barbershop was in business.

Miller’s hair-cutting work, which goes by the name BetheBlessing206, doesn’t cost anything, because his homeless clientele don’t have much, if any, money. Yet he treats it like a professional operation.

“You get more than a haircut with me,” Miller said. When you sit in Miller’s barber chair, he gets down on your level to listen.

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