Seattle Developing Safe Parking for Those Living in RVs

The city of Seattle will spend the next six months and nearly $2 million to create safe parking for those living in RVs or other vehicles. The plan comes as Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell unveiled his homeless action plan earlier this month.

The Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) is the group tasked with implementing the “safe lot program,” a contract awarded to them by the King County Regional Homeless Authority. Organizers said they’re looking at about a dozen potential locations. They call it a desperately needed program and a way to connect people to services they badly need.

“For folks that are homeless and living in their RV, it is their biggest asset,” said Jon Grant of the LIHI. “These are folks that the homeless system has failed before, so they’ve become self-reliant.”

On Tuesday, notices were up in Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood warning those living in RVs to move their property or it will be cleared and, in some cases, towed.

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