RFQ for Mural Artists!

The SODO BIA is currently working with Overall Creative to implement 8 new murals across the neighborhood, and the Overall Creative team is currently looking for artists!

Here is more information, as well as the application to get involved:

In addition to this opportunity, Overall Creative also has a RFQ for another public art project with Visit Seattle. This request can be found here, in addition to other RFQ’s from Overall Creative: https://www.overallcreative.com/rfqs

Other Artist Opportunities

Urban Artworks is another local organization that helps to connect local artists to public art opportunities, as well as connecting youth with artist learning opportunities. You can check this out here: https://urbanartworks.org/support/work-with-us/

4 Culture is the cultural funding agency for King County with the goal to make our region vibrant. They support public art, local heritage and historic preservation by providing funding, advocacy and support to various programs. You can learn more here: https://www.4culture.org/about-4culture/