These items are provided for our SODO area businesses to download, print and utilize as they see fit. Materials can either be used on digital promotions such as social media, newsletters or websites OR on printed promotions such as posters, flyers or handouts.


Safe Place Program and Info

First, it lets your patrons know where you stand on bias and hate crimes because hate has no place in our communities. But more importantly, it says to any victim: That no matter your background or status you will be heard, you will be treated with care, dignity, and respect from the business you enter, as well as from the Police Officers who respond out to investigate. 

SODO Business Improvement Decals

If you would like to post a SODO BIA decal: Shop SODO, Made in SODO, Services in SODO, or Experience SODO, please visit our office at 270 S Hanford St. Suite 112, Seattle, WA or email us at


A full list Community Signage Materials can be found here!

King County Vaccine Verification Signage:

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination – 11×17 (PDF)
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination – 8.5×11 (PDF)

Mask Signage:

Face Masks are Required 8.5×11 white background (PDF)

Face masks are required indoors statewide, regardless of vaccination status (PDF) English | Russian | Spanish | Vietnamese

Cleanliness Signage:

Cleanliness MeasuresReopening safely signage for businesses (PDF)

Be a Germ-Buster…Wash Your Hands! (PDF) English | Arabic | Bengali | CambodianChineseHindi KoreanNepaleseRussianSpanishTurkishUkrainianVietnamese

Keep Them Clean (PDF) | Spanish | Chinese | Korean

For tools to help you with terms and consistency when writing and talking about COVID-19, refer to this guide.

For more information about WA State Covid-19 response guidelines, resources, and vaccination sites, please visit


To view a full list of South Precinct Public Resources Safety Numbers, SPD Advisory on Reporting Suspicious Behavior, and SPD Advisory on Personal Safety/Robbery Prevention and Response, please click HERE.


Waste Management provides many printable resources for residents and businesses. For a full list of these resources please visit the Waste Management website.

Where Does It Go? Brochure PDF

3 Stream Poster – General Guide on Trash PDF

Business Recycling and Composting Guide PDF



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