Our Terminal D, TASTE SODO SEA-TAC Airport Ad is in Production!

On October 1st the Port of Seattle will install our diorama ad in Terminal D, across from gate D2. We will be promoting the local cafes, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries and dispensaries in SODO for our Taste SODO campaign.
This ad was made possible by Port of Seattle’s Tourism Spotlight Ad Program, this covered the advertising costs for the port’s ad space. With this program, our organization was only responsible for covering the installation and printing costs for the quarter.
About 10% of SEA-TAC’s ad space is dedicated to cities, counties, port authorities as well as non-profit organizations throughout the state to advertise their event, region or destination to travelers. We are very excited to be one of 29 organizations selected for ad space in the second half of 2022, and can’t wait to see how much traffic this brings to our website directory.
If you happen to be in the Seattle airport anytime between October and December, be sure to take a selfie with our ad and send it our way!