A Cleaner SODO is Coming Soon

This summer, expect to see two uniformed staff members pressure washing sidewalks, removing graffiti, reporting bulky items, and providing district information to businesses and patrons. This is SODO’s Clean Team,

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Outdoor Summer Gear in SODO

Summer is finally upon us in Seattle and so are our warm weather plans! Now’s a great time of year to make sure you have all the gear you need

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Bountiful Bar-B-Que SOuth of DOwntown

Whether you’re spelling it BBQ, barbecue or Bar-B-Que, in search of a dry rub, or something smothered in sauce, there are a couple places in the heart of SODO serving

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Staff Spotlight: Erin Goodman

A Seattle native, Erin came to the SODO BIA from the U District Partnership where she administered the U District BIA and produced the annual U District StreetFair. With a

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