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Mayor Harrell Releases One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan and Transparency Dashboard, Announces Acquisition of Dockside Apartments

Today, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell published the City’s One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan and public-facing dashboard – providing a transparent and interactive framework detailing his administration’s approach to the issue of homelessness and offering new data that has not been previously collected or released. Harrell also announced the acquisition of the Dockside Apartments, which will serve as permanent housing for 70 individuals experiencing homelessness.

“Issues created over decades cannot be solved overnight, but we must reject the status quo where people are left to suffer unsheltered on sidewalks and in parks. By acting with urgency and compassion we can – and will – move from crisis response to stability and sustainability,” said Mayor Bruce Harrell. “Seattle residents deserve to see a plan and progress. With a new level of transparency, the One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan was designed to display informative and important data and provide a roadmap for how the City is making progress on this crisis – today and in the long-term.”

The One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan builds on Mayor Harrell’s early work to streamline and better organize the City’s homelessness response. Entering office in January, Mayor Harrell formed the City’s Unified Care Team, bringing together multiple City departments and replacing a previous model where departments operated in silos. The Harrell Administration for the first time combined six different databases into one, laying the groundwork for the City to collect, manage, and display the never-before-seen data included in the plan’s dashboard.

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