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Link Riders Should Plan for Service Impacts During “Future Ready” Projects Starting July 11

Completing these “Future Ready” projects before the Link system more than doubles in length from 26 to 58 miles within the next few years will prevent impacts to far greater numbers of passengers.

On July 11, one side of the tracks through Seattle’s Rainier Valley will close for two weeks to enable platform work at Columbia City Station. The work involves removing platform tiles and mortar and rebuilding a concrete base to ensure new tiles offer good durability, eliminating tripping hazards and safety risks from cracking tiles.

The 20-minute train frequencies that were previously announced to be systemwide during work will now only apply between Stadium and Angle Lake stations. Sound Transit will instead strive to maintain 10-minute frequencies between Stadium and Northgate stations.

To enable this effort, every other 1 Line train headed south will terminate at Stadium Station rather than continuing on the single track that is open through the Rainier Valley. This requires southbound and northbound trains to take turns using that track. Passengers on the half of trains that must terminate at Stadium Station will have to wait approximately 10 minutes before boarding the next trains south — with wait times subject to fluctuations. We strongly encourage southbound riders to pay attention to the train’s head sign and wait for an Angle Lake train if traveling south of Stadium Station. This will prevent the need for a transfer at Stadium Station.


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