Lend a Hand on August 12th

As the SODO Track project progresses, 26 more murals are being painted on the walls of the SODO Seattle transit corridors. Artists are working near the tracks, and travelers and commuters see the track every day. This is a great opportunity to see the art up close.

Our second Community Clean Up event is going to be focused on picking up garbage on part of the length of the track. The SODO Track project team has done a lot to improve SODO, so it is our turn to lend a hand.

The Community Clean Up event on August 12th will be a short, fun and helpful way to give back to our neighborhood. Adopt a Street has provided us with safety vests, garbage grabbers, and garbage bags to make cleaning up the track an easier task.

We hope you will join us!

RSVP: info@sodoseattle.org