J.P. Crawford Helps Paint a Mural of J.P. Crawford

The Seattle Mariners have commissioned a new mural close to their home field, T-Mobile Park, in SoDo. Local artist Alexander Codd said for his first project of this size he got help from some friends, including Gold Glove shortstop J.P. Crawford.

Alexander Codd had never painted something this big before. Codd only got the gig, he said, “by mere chance and accident” while helping another artist on a different mural.

But after 46 days of painting and 17 rainouts this wet Seattle spring, Codd stood before his first mural covering the side of a building on Fourth Avenue South.


The mural depicts the downtown Seattle skyline silhouetted by splatters of Mariners-teal paint. In massive letters to the right is the team motto, “SEA US RISE.” At the far end of the mural is a portrait of shortstop J.P. Crawford, his 6-foot-tall face roaring with excitement. The bright neon colors against the black backdrop give the whole wall a buzzing electric feel like the paint is pulsating off the concrete…..

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