Exploring Paratex Pest Prevention

Since 1908 Paratex has been managing and preventing pests across the city and along the waterfront. They found their start by placing Sulphur pots in ship’s cargo holds to control the rat population and quickly became a local favorite for pest control and prevention.

Today Paratex works alongside large-scale health facilities, food distribution sites, single family homes, apartments, and some of the area’s most beloved restaurants to ensure they are clean, pest-free and up-to-code.

Paratex was originally started as two separate companies, Paramount Services of California and Ruddy Fumigation of Seattle. In 1962 Jim Osborn combined the two entities, officially establishing Paratex Pest Prevention as we know it today. Jim went on to run the company for sixty years before his passing in 2020, handing the torch along to his daughter Jen Osborn to carry on the family legacy.

The are one of the few companies in the Northwest with the licenses, insurance and experience to perform fumigations. They often work with local museums, businesses, logistics and shipping companies to fumigate goods coming from other countries. Their sealed fumigation chamber is one of the few publicly available in the city, open for anyone to fumigate carpets, clothing, furniture and antiques.

Paratex has a deep understanding of the pests that frequent our homes and offices, including insects, spiders and rodents. They have proven themselves as a longstanding partner both for SODO-area businesses and across Washington State.

To schedule a consultation or an inspection with Paratex, please visit: https://paratex.com/contact/ 

You can email them directly at: info@paratex.com

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paratex.pest?ref=hl

…And on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/paratexpest/