Dinos Alive! Immersive Dinosaur Exhibit Arrives in Seattle

Our lush green foliage must lure in plant-eating prehistoric animals because Seattle sure seems to attract its fair share of dinosaur-themed attractions. Last summer we had Woodland Park Zoo’s Dinosaur Discovery exhibit, and hopefully this summer will see the return of the Pacific Science Center’s dinosaurs. For families with dino-loving kids, however, there’s no need to wait because Dinos Alive is here!

This new indoor dinosaur exhibit in Seattle opens April 7 and is scheduled to run till mid-June and features 80 life-size dinosaurs and interactive activities for the whole family. My kids and I raced down to SODO to see how it would compare to our previous dinosaur experiences.

The warehouse space is nondescript from the outside, but entering the exhibition from the street really feels like you’re stepping back in time. Prehistoric-looking plants cover the walls and a digital waterfall cascades over the entrance to the main hall. Fog machines and dramatically colorful lights may not be historically accurate (did the dinosaurs host raves?), but they do add to the “wow” factor.

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