COVID-19: Temporary Shelter in SODO

Dear SODO Businesses:

We are getting in touch with you today to inform you of plans to bring a temporary shelter to Recovery Cafe for the duration of the COVID-19 Crisis.

King County’s Department of Community and Human Services is shifting the enhanced shelter 20-person shelter at 4th and Jefferson and establishing a temporary 30-45 person enhanced shelter at the Recovery Café (4202 6th Ave S, Seattle). The enhanced shelter will primarily serve adults impacted by alcohol and other drug use. DCHS employees, the Emergency Service Patrol, will transport most people to the facility and away once their stay has completed.

By placing a temporary shelter, King County hopes to achieve the following:
– Fewer people going to emergency rooms for non-COVID care
– More resources for fire/police
– Deintensification of 4th and Jefferson shelter
– Slight increase in overall shelter capacity
– Increased ability to implement Public Health physical distancing guidance for shelters

This is a temporary move into a non-residential neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Floyd at

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, please contact me at