COVID-19: Food Distributor Information

Based on the recent circumstances in the State of California, it is very likely that Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee will issue a Shelter in Place mandate shortly.

Grocery shopping and working at a grocery store/food wholesaler/food service provider will all almost
certainly be deemed as “critical infrastructure” meaning you can continue to operate and your employees can leave their houses to go to work

While the exact details have not yet been published and the timing is unknown – there are a few things we can proactively do:

As a vendor you can register at and more information about the process can be found here: You are considered “critical infrastructure” under the “food & agriculture sector”.

***Please note: registering is optional and the goal is to ease businesses/employees getting clearance on
accessing facilities and infrastructure should they be stopped or questioned.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to reach out!
We are here to help!