Call to Action Opportunity

A new payroll tax is being introduced in the City Council that may impact you and your business. The tax imposes a 1.3% tax on payroll for any Seattle company with a payroll greater than $7 million. Please check out the recent Times editorial and Danny Westneat article that do a nice job of framing the issue.

We wanted to provide you information about this proposed tax and the different ways you can make your voice heard. Your stories make a difference in demonstrating the effects of the tax. Here are three ways you can voice your concerns and the impacts of the new tax especially in the current economic uncertainty:
1.) Sign this letter calling on the Council to reject this tax on jobs and to focus on economic recovery.
2.) Send in your own comments to
3.) Sign the petition from No Tax on Jobs – Recovery Now.

We encourage you to watch Downtown Seattle Association’s Webinar to learn more about the tax proposal and the potential effects on our economy.