Call to Action!

Dear SODO Stakeholders,

Over the past two weeks we have been working closely with other Seattle BIAs to ensure small businesses voices are heard during this difficult time and period of uncertainty. We are asking Mayor Durkan and City Councilmembers and to sign on to the ‘Seattle Small Business Pledge” to redefine the expectations on behalf of our small business community. The pledge lists basic needs and safety measures to ensure clean, safe, welcoming and vibrant business districts. Small businesses should be able to operate within their storefronts safely, employees should be able to go to work without fear of being physically or verbally accosted, and customers should feel safe patronizing their local business and accessing personal services. 

Thank you for your support for small businesses in Seattle. To have the maximum impact, we ask that you take three additional steps:

1.       Email your councilmembers directly on Monday, September 14th – share the Seattle Small Business Pledge and ask them to “Take the Seattle Small Business Pledge” – It’s critical that each person who signed on to this Pledge contacts the council directly. (council emails below)
2.       Call-in with us to Monday’s 2 p.m. council meeting to ask councilmembers to “Take the Seattle Small Business Pledge” during the public comment period (instructions below).
3.       Encourage others to sign the Pledge- We are hoping to get to 500 in the next couple of days. Access the sign up form here:

Email Contact Information for the City Council:               

Council Meeting Instructions:
As you are aware, because of the COVID restrictions, the City Council is holding all meetings online, and public comment will be taken via phone on a first-come, first serve basis—so registering early is important. Registration opens online just before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Monday.
How to Register
Please plan to go to the council website just before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Monday to register online. You must register with the phone number you will be calling from to ensure you are recognized. A message will be sent to the registered email address that includes the meeting call-in information and details (including your number in line for public comment).
How to Join the Meeting
Just before 2 p.m., please call-in to the council hearing to ensure you are ready when it’s your turn to offer comment. It’s similar to calling into a radio show, in that you will be automatically muted, but still able to hear the council proceedings through your phone. The Chair will call on each speaker by name, at which point they will be unmuted for roughly 50 seconds to give public comment.
How to Give Public Comment When it’s Your Turn
Mute any other devices (like your laptop) that you might be using to watch the Council meeting to avoid audio feedback.
Plan your comments in advance—It’s important that above all else, you ask city councilmembers to “Take the Seattle Small Business Pledge”.
Start by introducing yourself—state your name, organization/company, and city council district (if applicable—this catches the attention of some councilmembers).
Choose one or two points about why you support small businesses and have signed the pledge.
Plan to keep your comments to no longer than 45 seconds, to ensure you do not get muted before you have a chance to finish. Most often, they only allow for one-minute of comments per-person.
Why Your Voice is Important
The Council needs to hear from people like you who see a strong connection between safe business districts and a just economic recovery. Because there is a lot at stake this fall, there will be a group of well-organized activists trying to dominate the bulk of early sign-ups, so we need to level the field and ensure we are registering just before 12:00 p.m. (noon).

Find the Seattle Small Business Pledge Here!
Sign Here and Show Your Support for Small Businesses