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Another Nightclub Opens in SODO

It’s been a nonstop party for Zac Levine since mid-July. The owner of the recently opened Supernova in SoDo, Zac’s been scrambling to keep crowds entertained with novel nightlife.

“We’ve been doing fun theme parties bimonthly on Fridays,” he says. “We had an event where we had fifty pounds of gold glitter in a kiddie pool on stage. … And I think we’re the first nightclub to do a Hanukkah party.”

Supernova’s just one of several new clubs warming SoDo, an industrial area best known as the place you glance down at as you pass through on light rail. The Comeback, a spiritual successor to Capitol Hill’s R Place, held a quiet launch last Friday with a grand opening slated for mid-February. They join longtime SoDo destinations like Monkey Loft and Club Sur — and, if local visionaries are to be believed, they’re on the cutting edge of the evolution of an entirely new Seattle nightlife district.

“Nightlife goes from one neighborhood to another,” says Scott Plusquellec, Nightlife Business Advocate in the Office of Economic Development (or Seattle’s “Night Mayor” for short.) “It used to be Pioneer Square,” he says, “then Capitol Hill, now it seems like Belltown.” But keep your eye on SoDo next. That’s where Floyd Lovelady, formerly the general manager of the fondly remembered R Place, found a home for The Comeback along with his business partner John Fish.

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