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2018 Incentives Update for Commercial Retrofit Lighting and HVAC

To better serve their customers and reflect market trends, Seattle City Light is updating our Commercial Retrofit Lighting incentives for both Small and Medium/Large Commercial customers. These changes will go into effect on August 1, 2018. New incentives will be applied to projects that submit an application, project bid and cut sheets beginning August 1, 2018. Projects with an application, project bid and cut sheets submitted prior to August 1, 2018 will receive our current incentive offerings.

August 1, 2018 changes include:

Updated Commercial Retrofit Lighting incentives list:
-LED fixtures – $0.15/kWh
-LED retrofit kits (excluding downlights/recessed can retrofit kits) – $0.15/kWh
-Lighting controls – $0.15/kWh
-Mogul-base LEDs (ex. E39, EX39, etc.) – $0.10/kWh
-Fixture w/ Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) (click here for a list of qualified products) – $50/fixture bonus
-Small Commercial Customers – 20% bonus for LED fixtures, LED retrofit kits (excluding downlights) and lighting controls (does not apply to NLC bonus or mogul base LED lamps)

Discontinued incentive offerings:
-“The Works” bonus program
-Fluorescent lamps, retrofit kits and fixtures
-“Lamp-only” LEDs, and “Hardwired” TLEDs (Types B and C) – point-of-sale rebates for qualified products will be available at the distributor level through upcoming 2018 Midstream Lighting Program

Seattle City Light will also be making updates to programs and program workbooks. Workbook and program updates include:

-Updated standard lighting and HVAC specifications
-Combined Small and Medium/Large Commercial Retrofit workbooks
-Multifamily Common Area Lighting Program integrated with Commercial Retrofit Lighting Program
-Updated space type options, HVAC interactive effects and control savings fractions
-Implementation of digital signatures and updated program paperwork

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