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1/11/2016- New Mural in SODO

MuralThe partnership between the SODO BIA and Urban Artworks continues to have a visual impact on SODO, with three new murals being created since October.  The latest creation is by Devin Liston and graces the south facing side of 2710 1st Ave S.  A big thank you to A1A inc for supplying the “canvas” for this work.

Interested in having a mural on your building?  Contact to see what is available- we have several artist opportunities.

About the Artist: One half of art duo devNgosha, Devon Liston is a spray paint artist. His work ranges from typical spray paint images such as skulls to very surreal images. A native of California, Liston’s love for Los Angeles has been described as a love affair. He describes his work as delving into psychological, spiritual, and emotional feelings. His work has a very illustrative feel with an added element of design.