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10/23/2015- International Mural Artist at Work in SODO

The international artist INSA is at work on a mural in SODO as we write.  Bringing his bright colors and geometric patterns to life on the side of 1927 4th Ave S. Drive by and check out a master at work!

The Artist’s Works

In 2010, the artist was commissioned by Tate Britain to create a work for an exhibit featuring the artist Chris Ofill. What INSA created was a pair of shoes with 10″ heels, with the sole made of elephant dung. This is clearly an ironic depiction of today’s materialism and sexual objectification of women. The work is titled Anything Goes When it Comes to Shoe(s). The idea for the piece was taken from Ofill’s artistic style which often incorporated elephant dung.

INSA created the project “Girls on a Bike” as a public installation. In the piece, curvaceous young female volunteers in provocative poses were photographed in front of INSA graffiti-bearing walls, all over the world, while riding their bicycles. This is another tribute to the sexual objectification of women and the fetishism of ownership conveyed by the bicycles.

One of the most exciting concepts the artist has come up with recently is what he terms “GIF-iti.” He creates this by painting and repainting walls several times each time with slight changes. He then photographs each change in the sequence he paints them. This creates a series of images or frames. These frames are then uploaded to the web in the same sequence they were photographed.

INSA’s inspiration for his animated web art was the many art pieces he found on the internet. Viewing art created offline on the web as though they were in a brick and mortar gallery did not suit his artistic sensibilities. To fix this problem, he thought it would be of interest to create art specifically to be viewed online. The internet then becomes the best and only space to view such work. The results might be described as animated graffiti or animated street art.

INSA is an extremely eclectic artist who works in all types of media and is currently producing sculpture for the first time. His fans around the world are hoping the reclusive artist is young enough to continue surprising them for many years to come – something he is sure to do as long as he is healthy and strong enough to maintain his abundant creativity. INSA is an artist who truly lives for his art, and on his own terms.

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